Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Lost Transformers - Addendum

A small addition to the Lost Transformers...some Transformers Animated repaints appeared on the card back cross-sells for the recently released Toys 'R Us exclusives, Rodimus Minor and Ironhide. We can assume that these card backs were printed before the line was officially canceled. Here we have (presumably) Photoshopped representations of Fugitive Waspinator (aka Wasp), a repaint of Bumblebee to represent Waspinator's pre-beast form; and three characters who get new name prefixes to go along with their new color schemes;Mercenary Swindle, Vortex Blurr and Toxic Oil Slick.

Also planned were a Thundercracker repaint for the Voyager Starscream mold, and new version of Voyager Bulkhead called Mudbuster Bulkhead.

So, sorry again Animated fans. Maybe Takara-Tomy will pick up on some of these.... so you can pay those exorbitant import prices for them!

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