Sunday, October 19, 2008

For the love of Legends

A long time ago, I had a lot of Transformers. About 1100 to be exact, almost every toy from Generation 1 through Energon, Universe, Alternators and a good chunk of Cybertron. Then some "real life" stuff happened and I came to the conclusion that I was running out of room, disposable income, and a love of all things Transformers. So I sold them all. Made a pretty penny on the older stuff, but after a while....I missed them. Not so much the toys that I had sold, but just the presence of Transformers on my shelves.

A cross section of the Legends Class

Hasbro created a new size class during the Cybertron run. The Legends class were down-sized versions of larger toys, about the same size as the old G1 Minibots. I had a few and thought they were cool, but I never expected Hasbro to invest in the Legends size class in the long run. I was wrong.

Movie Legend Scorponok vs. Universe Legend Jazz

Some Cybertron Legends were cleverly repainted into G1 characters as the Classics series was released. When the Transformers movie toys hit, almost every movie character was released in a Legends size class. I started buying more and more, and now I'm a Legends completist. Though most of the toys lack the articulation of their bigger cousins, they're actually pretty neat little toys. Plus, the price is right in this ever increasing poor economy with Legends costing anywhere between $3 and $5. As with any other size class, Hasbro is utilizing repaints to fill out the line, but so far they've been well done.

Legends Classics Jetfire, Cybertron Thundercracker and Universe Starscream

Now into Universe/Classics 2.0 we're getting a plethora of both repaints and brand new molds in the Legends class. Hasbro seems to be on track to release all the major G1 Minibots as Legends with Brawn, Bumblebee, Beachcomber, Cosmos, Wheelie and Warpath all scheduled for new mold releases. Transformers Animated fans can look forward to Optimus Prime, Starscream, Bumblebee and Prowl. Articulation is also being stepped up as the new molds for G1 Jazz and Hound and G2 Megatron have a lot of poseability for such small toys.

Upcoming Universe Legends figures

Repaints aren't done yet, either. Two boxed sets are going to hit soon as Target stores exclusives. Both the "Aerial Rivals" set and the "Team Leaders" set repaint Cybertron Legends molds into even more G1 characters.

Target exclusive Team Leaders set

If you're a Transformer fan who lacks a lot of display room and is on a budget, take a look at Legends. A variety of characters and styles across several generations and an easy to handle price point make this size class very attractive. I currently have 47 Legends toys, a far cry from the thousands I used to own, but a collection that's very satisfying in its' own right.

Universe, Cybertron and Movie Megatrons


Sam said...

I have trouble finding them for under $7 around these parts. That is IF I can find them at all.

Dave Reynolds said...

It's kinda funny. In Tennessee, they were all over the place. Here in Michigan, I have problems finding them. Fortunately, it's the one class of toy that HasbroToyShop always has in stock.

Sam said...

I used to have dreams about almost exactly these back during BW. Less than half sized figures, just as articulated and intricate, for cheaper. They ranged from Legend size to Minicon size. Seriously, I used to obsess over these things, and I hated waking up because I'd realize it was just a dream. :(

It's amazing to think how obsessed I was back then, and slightly disheartening to think how much I don't care now.